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NAIL IT ! A bad headshot loses that casting call, that job interview, or that date in the blink of an eye.

“We help businesses and people increase the return on their investments for websites and social media by creating coached headshots, location and product photography that authentically represents them to clients and contacts.”

Alex M. Wolff – Chief Image Consultant

You are the most essential part of your headshot. It’s not who you could be, who you were 5 years ago, or who a make-up magician can conjure. It’s the best you today, with no gimmicks and no makeup miracles. Great lighting, professional gear, and a photographer that engages your best self will create an effective professional headshot that ensures a swipe right, regardless of the intended use.

Un-retouched Real Estate Agent Call us – 516 375 4315

HeadShot Rescue, a brand of Concierge Photography, is run by our Chief Image Consultant – photographic artist Alex M. Wolff of Jericho (Long Island), New York. Alex works in the studio and on location with actors, models, and business people through corporate and association relationships, as well as creating personal branding content for social media, business websites, and the online dating world.

Not Working – Get Rescued!

HeadShot Rescue was born when Alex M. Wolff Photography donated 55 headshots to job seekers in a find-work BootCamp developed by Executive Consultants of New York http://ecnycorp.com . Unfortunately, giving it all away is unsustainable, but with our rescue program we can create your headshots for your linked-in profile now and you can pay us when you find work. To qualify, you really have to be between jobs, and not just off for the weekend or season. Please submit your cover letter and resume to us at Alex@concierge-photography.com

Long Island Red Carpet & Step and Repeat Coverage

We have been told we are the best in the area. Personal and friendly, we make all of your guests feel welcome and appreciated, be it a film premiere, charity fundraiser, corporate celebration, new product launch, or employee recognition. Check out Long Island Hospitality Ball at Crest Hollow Country Club. Our on-line gallery had over 60,000 image views in 30 days.


Your style is what is important, not our style. After all, it is not our headshot, it is yours to help find that job, that role, or that next date. If you have a niche and need your headshot to match it, that is what we create. We don’t make you look great, or like someone else, we coach you to present the best possible you.

Take a peek below. Can you pick out all of the musicians? The performer with over 14 million views on one youtube video? The indie film director? How about the Lingerie Football League star? What about the greatful drumma, computer programmer, real estate agents or radio personalities? How about our head image consultant or people just having fun? We have THE Emcee, actors and models. Numbering from Left to right, top to bottom, can you identify who is who? How many can you get?

Let us know! alex@concierge-photography.com

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  1. Hey! I’m in need of a headshot rescue!!! I have a website for my private therapy practice. One of the last items I need are some great headshots. I detest taking pictures of myself & I don’t think I look presentable or like myself in any of them. HELP ME!!!

    1. Hey Lauren, I am sorry but I just saw this, comments do not automatically come to me. Please give me a call at 516 375 4315 and we can create some great headshots and branding photos.

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