Excellent Photographer!

“I can’t see myself like you do when you’re looking through the camera. Anyone else with a camera doesn’t get the shots you get, you have an artist’s eye and you make me look good. Plus you give me so much to work with as you capture the ‘tween times of emotion… you’re so in tune with every bit of what I am doing when we do a shoot, and that creates these awesome photos. Oh, I wish I included this in my review! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Alex is wonderful to work with! We have done several creative photo shoots over the years and he is highly professional, embraces creative ideas, and he goes above and beyond to use his expertise to make sure the final photos are stunning! He is also a super nice person and really kind and patient when I’ve had some artistic ideas that I couldn’t quite figure out how to capture. He gives light direction when needed and finds ways to take your idea and bring it beautifully into the photos. I highly recommend working with him, you won’t be disappointed!